Take Ctrl in OneNote ~ Formatting

Start using keyboard shortcuts to be even more effective when working in OneNote. Here are some keyboard shortcuts to use when formatting text. Learn a new keyboard shortcut every day.  I’ll tweet a new keyboard shortcut from this list everyday. Are you up for the challenge? Follow me on @steffisteaching 

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#Using Instagram in the Classroom


Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert 2015 – Interview

April 14, 2015

“I wanted to meet my students half way.“ — Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen, Norway

For teachers fresh out of university, bridging the gap between theoretical pedagogy and the reality of their students’ world can often be a challenge. For Steffi Marita Miland Svendsen, who graduated in 2012 and has been teaching for two short years, it became her mission.

“Today children grow up in a digital world, socializing with mixed-media, having conversations daily with friends, family and others,” says Svendsen. “Smartphones seem to be a ‘must-have,’ even for younger children in order to stay connected. With social apps waiting to be explored, sooner rather than later the kids need to be introduced to them. Maybe it’s about time to include this aspect in education?

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Our secret weapon – OneNote for sharing, collaborating and assessing

Living in the 21st century, the use of technology plays an important role in education. And I can understand why school leaders, educators, students and parents feel overwhelmed when they are introduced to new tools, programs, apps and so forth if the main focus is on the shifting to the new technology, rather than implementing the right technology. However, at Skjetten Primary School we all have one secret weapon—OneNote!

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